David Meredith
David Meredith
Chief Executive Officer
David Meredith serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Everbridge, the global leader in critical event management and enterprise safety software applications, where he leads the company towards delivering on its mission to keep people safe and businesses running.
Patrick Brickley
Patrick Brickley is Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Everbridge. In this role, Patrick oversees all finance functions for Everbridge worldwide. His responsibilities include directing the company’s accounting, tax, treasury, FP&A and business finance activities.
Jaime Ellertson
Jaime Ellertson
Executive Chairman
Jaime Ellertson is Executive Chairman of Everbridge’s Board of Directors. Jaime became an investor and Board Member of Everbridge in 2010. In 2011, Jaime merged CloudFloor Corporation, a company he founded and majority owned, with Everbridge becoming CEO and Chairman.
Vernon Irvin
Vernon Irvin
Chief Revenue Officer
Vernon Irvin serves as Chief Revenue Officer at Everbridge. He leads the global go-to-market and services organization responsible for driving the company’s enterprise transition with its market-leading Critical Event Management (CEM) product suite, as well as global adoption for Everbridge’s
Imad Mouline
Imad Mouline is the chief technology officer for Everbridge. In this role, Mouline is responsible for Everbridge’s market strategy, product roadmap, innovation, and research and development. Mouline joined Everbridge in 2011, when the company acquired CloudFloor, an enterprise cloud management
Jim Totton
Chief Operations Officer
Jim Totton is Chief Operations Officer at Everbridge overseeing Operations, Engineering, Security, Corporate IT, and Facilities. He joined Everbridge as Executive Vice President of Product Management, Engineering and Operations, having led all technical operations, and is responsible for ensuring
Cara Antonacci
Cara Antonacci
Vice President, Human Resources
Cara Antonacci is Vice President of Human Resources at Everbridge. In this role, Cara oversees all people functions for Everbridge worldwide. Her responsibilities include directing the company’s Human Resources and Recruiting operations. Cara has over 20 years of HR and Recruiting leadership
Scott Burnett
SVP of Operations
With over 25 years of experience leading the worldwide engineering and operations for high-growth technology companies, Mr. Burnett brings the proven leadership to deliver Everbridge’s cloud-based critical commination solutions to customer’s on a global scale. Prior to Everbridge, Mr.
Yuan Cheng
SVP of Engineering
Yuan Cheng is the senior vice president, Engineering at Everbridge. In this role, Cheng is responsible for overseeing the worldwide development of Everbridge solutions. Most recently, Cheng was the founder and CEO of Hypersun Group Ltd. which was acquired by Everbridge in 2012.
Javier Colado
SVP of International Sales
Javier Colado serves as Senior Vice President, International Sales. He is responsible for driving Everbridge’s presence and growing revenues in international markets. Over the course of his career, Javier has led international growth in EMEA and Asia Pacific at organizations such as Intralinks,
Claudia Dent
SVP of Product Marketing
Claudia Dent is the Senior Vice President of Product Marketing for Everbridge. She previously served in the role of Senior Vice President of Product Management for over seven years, leading the company’s rapid product expansion and diversification to become the global leader in critical event
Pat Galvin
SVP of North American Sales
Pat Galvin is Senior Vice President of North American Sales at Everbridge. In this role, Pat is responsible for driving Everbridge’s sales strategies, increasing sales operational efficiencies and accelerating market growth across North America. Pat is as an executive sales professional with nearly
Elliot Mark
SVP and General Counsel
Elliot Mark heads the Legal Department at Everbridge and plays a key business role in helping drive Everbridge’s continued expansion. Mark brings more than 25 years of senior legal experience, having served as General Counsel at a number of Boston-area technology companies.
Ajay Nigam
Ajay Nigam
Chief Product Officer
Ajay Nigam serves as Chief Product Officer for Everbridge responsible for overseeing global product development and leading the company’s world-class product management function. An accomplished executive, Ajay’s experience includes over two decades building successful product organizations for
Tracy Reinhold
Chief Security Officer
Tracy Reinhold is Chief Security Officer at Everbridge. He is responsible for advancing Everbridge’s enterprise-level security strategy, as well as working closely with customers and partners to optimize their organizational approach to managing and responding to critical events.
Joel Rosen
Joel Rosen is Everbridge’s Chief Marketing Officer. He leads the marketing team at Everbridge and oversees the development of brand-focused initiatives, product marketing, and digital campaigns aimed at expanding adoption of the company’s critical communications platform.
Vick Vaishnavi
General Manager of IT Alerting and IoT
Vick Vaishnavi is the GM, IT Alerting and IoT Business for Everbridge. In this role, he oversees our global positioning, growth and execution in the IT operations & IoT communications space. An accomplished enterprise software executive, visionary and IT leader, Vick has an extensive track record